Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sandy Puc : Creative Edge Kids Tour

Went to Sandy Puc Creative Edge kids Tour.... WONDERFUL time.... learned so much.... so inspired. Wish I didn't have to sleep... would rather stay up all night editing... or trying to find a baby at 0136 to take photo's of. LOL..... Thank you Sandy for all you taught us.... so worth going.....! :)  I so want to use all this new creative knowledge..... NOW!  :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blue Eyed Little Man

Wanted to share my latest posting of my Blue Eyed Little Man.  He was so much fun at this age... full of energy and was so curious about everything we put infront of him.  We ended up having to take half the shoot outside, which I am so thankful we did.  The shots are amazing!  ~Oak Grove, KY

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mailing Day...

Today was a record for us.  We mailed out 6 packages of portraits and DVD to customers and had 3 pick ups of orders.   Needless to say it was a busy day.  Now to finish up a clients order and post online.   This is my favorite part, besides the actual shooting the photos.  Creating artwork and personalizing each portrait to the client.  If there is ever something we do.. a personalization or a border or artwork that you don't like... simply tell us and we can change it or take it off completely.  Not a problem.  We strive to make your portrait what YOU want.  To proudly display in your home or give as gifts.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Updated Fearless Fighters on Facebook

I just wanted to let everyone I know that I just updated my facebook with the Fearless Fighters Album.  Really tugs at my heart every time I view these photos... STILL!    And just a reminder... all deployment and Homecoming Ceremonies are done FREE!   All you have to do is ask.  Please call me anytime if you have any questions.  Thanks.  931-546-8325  ~Fort Campbell, KY

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun Couple ...Thorne Couple ~Clarksville, TN

Had a wonderful afternoon photo shoot today at one of my sweet spots.  My couple today JUST got married and we were celebrating the TWO of them starting their lives together as ONE.   It was a fun shoot...  lots of laughing, sharing stories about how he purposed and they really took advantage of the times I had them KISS.  It was very sweet.  Even though I lost the sun behind the clouds a few times, I really am looking forward to seeing the photos.   Tried some new things... and really want to see if they all came out with my shots, as wells as I thought they would in my head.  Will post once finished.  Thanks Thorne's for a Great Shoot.  :)    ~Clarksville, TN
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Radio Time! 88.3 Way-FM

On Behalf of Digital Diamonds Photography in Clarksville, TN we made a donation to the great radio station 88.3 Way-FM serving the TN & KY area around Fort Campbell.   A wonderful radio station and we are proud to support.  Thanks!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Romantic Boudoir ~ Clarksville, TN

Just received permission to publish these photos to the general public.  I hope you love them as much as I do.   This couple is absolutely beautiful!  The photos were all very sexy and fun.   These were done in her apartment in Clarksville, TN.  It was a joy to be able to capture the love the two shared in a portrait.  All photos, of this kind, are given password protection on my website and ONLY photos YOU allow are shared with public either on line and/or in print for a portfolio to share to those wondering about my work.  These are done with strict confidentiality and only YOU choose IF photos can be used for prints and/or online.  ~Clarksville, TN   Digital Diamonds Photography serving all your boudoir, nude, semi-nude, sexy and undressed portraits, for couples and/or individual and/or groups, in the Kentucky and Tennessee area around Fort Campbell.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding Dress & Boots in Nashville, TN

Spent sometime in Nashville today doing a 'Romantic Series' & a 'Wedding Party Series' on a beautiful Saturday mid-day/early afternoon.  Katherine & Mike were renewing their wedding vows and had asked me to help them complete this special occasion with some fun and romantic photos to be cherished.  Katherine's dress was breathtaking.... complete with fun cowboy boots!  We were ushered around by a long stretch limo to a few different spots: Greek Ruins off Rosa Parks Road, then to Bicentennial Mall, across from the Wild Horse Saloon in a little alcove (where they sang for the public... and it was WONDERFUL), to the Nashville Symphony building infront of the waterfall and finally to their destination of the Big River Grille.. where they had a rooftop event all set up that they definitely went all out for.  It was perfect!   Everyone was so in-sync and I appreciate all the help with fixing Katherine's dress and holding onto guitar cases for them.  Even though we jumped from place to place, I don't feel like we were rushed at all.   It was simply a wonderful day.  ~down town Nashville, TN

Saturday, April 17, 2010

H.S. Senior Alicia at Dunbar Caves in Clarksville, Tennessee

Alicia was a wonderful client to work with.  She was alittle shy at first, but quickly warmed up to the camera and I think her true personality shows through with the portraits that came from her session.  This beautiful brown eyed high school senior is very artistic and took direction very well.  It was a beautiful day and we had to work around the many hikers in the area.  Often we had people walk by and even one commented that he wanted a print of her next to the tree.  Lots of fun and laughs!   Thanks Alicia!
~ Clarksville, TN   Dunbar Cave

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sweetest Couple Get Married!

My 'sweetest couple' just got married this past weekend.  I think we were all worried it was going to storm this past Saturday, but it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day!  Sun was shining, birds were singing and the Bride looked gorgeous!  She had two of the cutest little flower girls as well.  Was a wonderful touching ceremony.   I am feel blessed to have been apart of it.  Congratulations Bre and Joe!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick on my toes!

Had a photo shoot with an adorable little boy who I've been taking photos of for more then a year now (Watch Me Grow Package).  It's been fun to watch him 'grow'  up before my eyes.  I remember when he couldn't even crawl.. and now he's running around and talking up a storm.  We had a shoot at his new house and thought it would be easier to set up in the kitchen.  The space became alittle tighter then I planned with the table and lights and backdrop and everything... and he kept wanting to get off the table... or move to close to the edge (I think we all had small heart attacks watching him).  So... quick thought... let's go outside.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was about to go down.   Their new house in Oak Grove, KY has a wonderful lush green field behind it that worked PERFECTLY!  We had so much fun and this cute-as-a-bug little man laughed and laughed.   We had a wonderful time.  I will post photos once processed.  ~ Digital Diamonds Photography   serving Clarksville, TN ; Fort Campbell, KY ; Hopkinsville, KY and surrounding Tennessee and Kentucky areas.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweetest Couple!

Just finished processing photos for a sweetheart couple.  This session was done in Clarksville, TN at their home.  Both of them are in the army and are set to get married in early April (I will be at their wedding too).  It was a fun session with lots of laughing and being goofy.  The way they look at each other can simply take your breath away.   It was a joy to be able to witness this first hand.  Photographing pets can be a challenge sometimes, but their cute little furry doggie did very well.  I was very pleased.  We added a few maternity photos in there as well.  This engagement session was definitely one of my favorites.  I wish them both nothing but happiness and love in their lifetime as a family.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Holland Family

Fort Campbell, KY

Had a wonderful time with this family... their kids are so well behaved and followed directions to the letter.  It was fun to make them laugh and ask them questions to get different expressions from the 15 month old, that I made animal noises too, to their 7 year old that was, at first, shy... but quickly came out of his shell.  Such a delightful family.